Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun But Stressful Times...

Well Hello!

I'm here to say my mothers first MAJOR art festival was a hands-down SUCCESS! We were visited by many friends and family throughout the weekend, we so appreciate the love and support for my Mom. AND GUESS WHAT?! SHE WON! My Mom was nominated as Houston's Favorite Artist!!! Thank you all so much for the votes...it was a LANDSLIDE...the voting crew told us my mom had almost 900 votes total, with second place only having ~ 220?!? Can you believe it? She was shocked...we weren't, but she was. :) All in all she sold almost 75% of her ENTIRE inventory... she's got a lot of preparation to do for the October festival! Whoo hoo! Her winnings as Houston's Favorite Artist entitled her to be able to SKIP the jury process for next March's Bayou City Arts Festival at Memorial Park. So regardless if she gets in to the October show or not, SHE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE THERE NEXT MARCH! :) 

I have to say though, I haven't been so exhausted after a weekend like that in A LONG time...if ever. We had ~ 12 hour days, standing constantly (my back when out Friday evening, doing better now), with no lunch/dinner breaks! Our booth was CONSTANTLY crowded so if someone wanted to eat something they had to sneak behind our tent and scarf down a bite!  :) We're certainly not complaining about how busy we were the whole time, but man, was I happy to sleep in my own bed on Sunday night. I'm still recovering, yesterday I took a nap in the middle of the day - not even making it to my evening class (also b/c I've had a slight reaction to two immunizations I had to get in preparation for Dental school...eh, I'm fine now).

 Moving, Graduation, etc.

So, it's pretty much DAILY now that Kyle and I say "aren't you so ready to move?" . . .  We aren't really sure what we're going to do with ourselves when we have that much space! LOL As the date moves nearer, we feel more and more crammed; I guess that's natural, the anticipation of something bigger ahead, but luckily we're having a big garage sale with the future Mr. & Mrs. Knight on April 24, we wanna get rid of the junk and start fresh! :) 

We graduate May 15, 2010 with our Masters. I COULDNT  be more excited to be done with this portion of my education, LET ME TELL YOU. We had our comprehensive exams about a month ago, turns out the department decided to fail all but 3 of us... HAHA.. 18% pass rate and the STUDENTS are the ones forced to re-do things? Yep. Makes perfect sense to me. Apparently everyone passes the 2nd time (again, baffling.) but the fact that I received good grades in both of the classes I have to "redo", yet wasn't competent enough to pass the exit exam shouldn't be something that reflects ME. Mmk? Luckily I waited a while to post this blog, had I done it yesterday this blog would've looked a MUCH more different.

Moving on...

WELL, until next time... hopefully with more joyful things to read than the school politics many of us are forced to endure! Oh- and before I forget. Apparently the registrars office at my beloved school decided to tell the department of education (i.e., my loan holders) that I am no longer enrolled. BAHA. That makes sense since I've paid, received financial aid, and have been attending classes for almost 3 months. So now they get to have a little piece of my mind and take care of the fact that people I owe payments to think I am an irresponsible human. Time to go to class.

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