Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello Friends!

I'm done being the only person without a blog, so here I go! I don't know how often this will be updated, probably more so over the summer and less so once dental school starts! YES, I said DENTAL SCHOOL! Finally, after undergrad and a masters degree I am entering the world of dentistry, following in my parents footsteps and having the time of my life.

Kyle and I are happily married-- almost 3 years now! Seems like just yesterday that we were enjoying the worry-free life of undergrad with our precious friends. Life goes so quickly, we have BLINKED and our second degree is finished, we're moving to the medical center, and our neice and nephew will BOTH be in school as of this august! What?!


Okay, so this move to houston in May will be our first BIG move. We are leaving the small town of College Station and heading to the big city! The Houston Medical Center...we've had 2 visits to look for housing, and let me tell you- THAT HASN'T BEEN EASY. We've learned people fail to advertise homes correctly (although we were kind of expecting it thanks to warning from the Closners!)  and flat out LIE when it comes to "spacious", "beautiful", or a "must see!" haha ahhh well, we are learning.

Grad School

Right now Kyle and I just completed our Comprehensive Exit exam for our masters degree; it was a hellacious weekend of non-stop writing, but we turned it in today and will be HAPPY to graduate in May! We're still trying to decide how/where to spend our 3 year anniversary/graduation celebration. Vegas honey? Please? ;-)

More to come...

Well, I'm thinking I'm going to like this blogging thing...thinking out loud...sharing my thoughts... until next time! <3

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