Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I felt the need to tell the world that I just attended my LAST graduate school lecture! The next two weeks are finals, so I can honestly say I see the light at the end of the tunnel!! :)  My countdown includes a final paper w/ a presentation, two take home exams and an online final. TOTALLY DOABLE! 

Last night I began packing the house...two large boxes down and you couldn't tell I did a darn thing! haha We're getting the keys to our new place and dropping off a huge rent check (6 mo worth up front LOL yes we're crazy) this Saturday so we want to try and bring a big load with us so the 21st isn't as stressful. I found SO much more stuff I could've sold at the garage sale last night if I would've had time to go through more of my house beforehand...oh well. lol Found some cute things Kyla might want so I'll save them for her.

That's about all I have for today- God has blessed Kyle and I so much in our lives; Kyle's very excited about his new endeavor at the Dental Branch (first day: May 31st)-- apparently he's got a large office! He's going to know the building better than I do by the time dental school starts.:-P

Until next time!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not all that ready to leave Aggieland...


Well, it's official, we had our first garage sale with Kyle and Melissa and we did really well! We sold so much stuff one lady ended up buying the table it was sitting on!! HAHA! It was really fun- luckily it didn't rain like the weather man said it would (go figure lol), we had beautiful sunshining day the entire morning. We saw some pretty interesting folks and at the end of the day we dropped the last few items off at Twin City Mission. WE WERE EXAUHSTED. Ended the night with Ninfa's, some margaritas, and bowling!


As our house is completely disheveled, it has become quite apparent to me and Kyle that we are beginning the end of our life together in this cute little doll house... it's bittersweet really, a lovely new couple will be occupying our "first home" as we venture towards the BIG CITY. There are boxes around, things out of place, etc., and as I turn to try and find where to put anything (since we sold my desk, and other furniture) I can't help but get excited for the new journey we have ahead. I'm going to miss College Station... not that we won't be back for tailgating and visiting friends, but just the day-to-day comaraderie with fellow aggies and quick access to everything (not to mention the cheap student prices)! We're ready to move, but I can't say I'm ready to leave Aggieland...


Well, it's official, Kyle will be interning at the University of Texas Dental Branch this summer- beginning June 1st. He'll be working on a project focusing on eldery abuse/neglect, his deliverables will include two "publishable" papers by the end of the summer...he is VERY excited! Some portion of his internship may involve some policy writing; with the connections he's got from the TAMU School of Rural Public Health, he feels that he may really be able to be involved with something BIG.

As far as me? Well, I'm trying to scrape together the last bit of motivation, ammunition rather, to get through the last few weeks of really is down to the wire! This will be the last week of regular classes, followed by a week and a half of finals. Ours aren't too terrible this year-AND I WILL be off work/school on my birthday since it's a Friday! This might be the first time that's happened...however, I will still need to study since I have finals the week after my birthday. We'll celebrate my birthday/ our anniversary in one probably, AFTER we move... we'd like to take a trip to vegas but not sure that we can make that happen right now... WE'LL SEE!


My grandfather will be guest lecturing in my motivation/leadership class tomorrow night... it's really neat for him to be able to come in and inspire some of my fellow classmates. :) 5PM tomorrow if you can make it... I'll let you know how it goes.

For now, I'm so exauhsted. . . I'm heading to the grocery store and relaxing for the rest of the day! BYE BYE!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stressful Times

Garage Sale/ Moving!

Okay, so the next few weeks are going to be an absolute whirlwind...Kyle and I are trying our best to stay sane, school is not helping! We're having a huge garage sale this weekend with Melissa and Kyle- we cant wait... the problem is, we're selling the majority of our furniture, OF WHICH WE ARE STILL USING! bahaha! I'm not sure what Kyle's going to use as a dresser, being that we're going to sell's CRAMMED with clothes right now, so he might be living out of a suit case that following 2 weeks LOL Hopefully we'll sell everything we want to and can put that money towards new bedroom furniture! We walked around furniture row yesterday, found some really nice house stuff we'd like to get... we'll see!

Our official move-date is May 21st... thankfully, Melissa and Kyle are going to help us!! We have a piano mover meeting us in houston to get the piano up the stairs, but the rest of it we're doing ourselves with a UHaul truck. This is our first big move, so we're really hoping everything goes smoothly!!


So, I have 2 weeks left of class lectures and 1.5 weeks of finals. During these last few weeks, I have a Epi quiz & final, a leadership/mgmt final, a program evaluation final and presentation, and a health law final. I THOUGHT THAT LIST WAS WAY SHORTER UNTIL I TYPED IT! AHH!! lol I, once again, will be studying for finals on my birthday (May 7), but I think Kyle and I will do some sort of combined birthday/anniversary once we get moved in to our new house and settled. There's too much going on right now to try and fit a vacation in! MAYBE towards the end of may we'll do a weekend trip to Las Vegas? :) I hope I hope!!

This weekend we had a wonderful visit from our good friend, Eric Blacka. He brought his girlfriend Jamie down to meet us-- we had such a wonderful time, and on Sunday- Eric proposed! She said yes, and now they're planning a wedding... ah, I love "love". :) Our other good friends Melissa Taylor and Kyle Knight are getting married- and both asked us to be in their wedding party! We are so honored/excited, seems like everyone is getting married nowadays!  

Until next time...

It might be a while until my next post! I hope this has entertained you. Wish us luck at our garage sale this weekend! Oh- and my nephew, Gage, has his last gymnastics meet. :) He's such a champ, and tells me he's going to win big this wknd!!!