Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello everyone! I have fabulous news!

Kyle and I have FOUND a house! :) I am so excited. This has been such a draining house search- I'm sure it's no where near as bad/long as many people have had to look but after driving all over houston with different realtors, we actually found a for-rent-by-owner (best in our opinion!)!! Being that Kyle and I are VERY familiar with the "Renting" business, we were all on the same page, negotiated well on lease terms and we're signing for 2 years at a great rate! We don't actually plan on moving again until dental school is over, so if all goes well they're going to have very loyal tenants for up to 5 years! :)

About the Townhome

OK! Enough about finding it, more about IT! So, when Kyle and I first pulled up to the Townhome we burst out laughing, they're all very "modern" looking, steel structures (red/blue/silver)... I already had a heads-up on which these were b/c I'd been communicating with the owner, but Kyle didn't! Anyway, we're both cracking up outside the home b/c we're like "What on earth? Do you think the inside will be nice?" When the daughter of the landlord showed up to show us the house (sound familiar? we have the same job! lol) she asked if we'd ever been inside "one of these", obviously we hadn't and she told us we were in for a surprise. AND BOY WERE WE! This place is immaculate. We couldn't have dreamed for more, especially as close as I am to dental school. It's a 3 story, 3bd/2bth; each floor has a different flooring. The bottom floor is a beautifully dark maroon stained concrete, it houses a full bath and two bedrooms- also has our laundry room, 2 car garage access and a small backyard for Bear (yes! we get to keep her!). Once you go upstairs to the second floor, it's real hard wood floors; it has a living room the size of our HOUSE right now and the kitchen (which, I might add, has a dishwasher and TWO pantry's!) -- also has an outside door with a balcony, yes, it overlooks a major highway, but it's a balcony haha! Then the third floor is our master bedroom, nice carpet, large room w/ a built in study (we get to sell our old dirty undergraduate desks!) . . . the master closet could be it's own bedroom (I don't even have enough clothes to fill it, but I promised Kyle I would fix that problem haha) and a beautiful bathroom with his/her sinks.

Anyway, it's a total blessing that we found this place for rent by owner...almost identical units in the complex we're in were going for so much more $$$... way out of our budget- GOD was looking out for us!

Bayou City Arts Festival

SO! As of last Thursday, my Mom was in the lead for Houston's Favorite Artist!! Apparently it was a very close race and they don't tell us the winner until Friday when the festival begins...I am so hoping she kept her lead...but you never know! Just the fact that she was nominated on her first try is enough to be proud about. I will be out at the festival with her the whole weekend; pray for beautiful weather! If you want to check out my mom's new website (in the works) go to www.glasstamer.com

Until next time!

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