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Well, first I will say I can't believe how long it's taken me to finally update my blog. I knew this would happen, with the hussle and bussle of moving, celebrating our 3 year anniversary, and Kyle starting his internship, I KNEW time would get away from me. I have to many stories to write about on here I don't know where to start!!

Ok- so I'll begin with moving day. It came and WENT. We were up bright and early- luckily the night before we were able to pick up the UHAUL van (17' long lol) for no extra charge; so we started loading stuff up with Chelsea's help Thursday night! When Friday morning (aka moving day) came along, our good friends Kyle and Melissa were there to rescue us- SERIOUSLY, we could not have moved without their help. GUYS- you wouldn't even BELIEVE how much stuff we had crammed in 650 sq ft (okay, maybe you could if you saw how cluttered our house was haha) but SERIOUSLY- we filled up a 17' UHAUL van, and BOTH the Kyles' trucks- FULL. We couldn't even fit an 8' tailgating table in the back of the truck to go 2 miles to my sisters house and drop it off. FULL. Before my story moves on, I MUST describe the happenings of moving my precious upright piano. Once again, without Kyle & Melissa (and inevitably 2 other neighbors) we couldn't have done it. Kyle and Kyle were able to get the 504lb piano on two floor dolly's fairly easily; I held my breath as they rolled it out the door, but all in all we got it to the bottom of the UHAUL ramp just fine. Then we all stared were we going to get it IN the van? With two small girls and two strapping men? I had full faith in the Kyles', but honestly, my heart was POUNDING. In my mind I saw us getting halfway up the UHUAL ramp only to lose our grip and have the piano come crashing down into millions of wooden pieces. haha THANKFULLY that didnt happen...but it came close. I sought our wonderful neighbor (older male) to help us- he called his neighbor (apparently they'd both moved pianos before- whew!) and together the 6 of us stood at the bottom of the UHAUL truck trying to come up with a plan. Can you picture this now?

At one point I was REALLY regretting not hiring the piano movers to come to CS- they were meeting us in houston to bring the piano up the flight of stairs (thank goodness) but wanted an extra $500 just to drive to CS...anyway - back to the situation. As we all bounced ideas off of eachother (none of mine really being worth much since I mainly sat there cringing as my baby was sitting in the hot sun and about to risk her life (bahaha yeah I'm dramatic). Anyway, I hear the men count to three, I close my eyes and the first half of the UHUAL ramp was accomplished. See, that's where I got nervous- at one point we literally had to take the dolly's OFF of the piano as it was going up the ramp b/c they were hindering it's being able to make it over the ledge IN to the van-- that was fun. Lots of shouting and "omg take the dolly off!"'s occured, but WE DID IT!! Needless to say, we were VERY happy the piano movers were meeting us in Houston. VERY HAPPY.

Mmk, well at this point we were all complete sweatballs - we make the 1.5 hr drive to houston. OH- I forgot to mention -Thursday night before we moved I got a call from my landlord saying that our neighbor called her to tell her my front door was wide open...AND PROBABLY HAD BEEN SINCE THE PREVIOUS WKND WHEN I WAS THERE. Kyle and I were SO upset- we still havent gotten our electric bill yet, but we'll see what happens. We thought about driving to houston that night and turning around to come back (only to move for real the next day) but we decided against it -we would be there in 6 hours anyway so might as well finish packing up the house. Right? Well YOU try going to sleep at night knowing your front door is WIDE OPEN! what a night.

So back to the move. We pull up in to our new complex (I'm super excited to show Kyle and Melissa our place) and Kyle opens the garage to go in the house first...two seconds later he comes running out - he picks up his phone to call 911 and tells me we've been burlarized. "BUGLARIZED?!" He gets our amazing shot gun out of the moving van and offers to let me peek inside- plus we had our 72lb black dog with us, she'd eat anyone that threatened us :-D...anyway, I looked inside to see that someone had kicked down our front door (inside door frame was all over the floor). . . WHAT A WELCOME HOME PARTY. The cops told us they'd be at our house in 9 minutes, 1.5 hours later they finally showed up. We'd gone in by this time, the piano movers were there waiting with us -- NOTHING was stolen, really unbelievable, they didn't even open any of our boxes? We didn't have anything of real value in the home yet so I'm assuming they ran in, scanned the place for a TV and ran out.

Anyway- after the piano was moved up the stairs (seemingly weightless -- the movers were amazing), Kyle and Melissa helped us move every single box and every single bag in to this house. 3 flights of stairs PEOPLE! Melissa and I would collapse every once in a while on a random floor in b/w trips lol It would've taken us DAYS to do this alone. We were so wiped out at the end of the night- not to mention we had to return the UHAUL, make a trip to lowes so kyle could rebuild our door frame (yes, he rebuilt it that night- completely. took him hours...but we really wanted to be able to lock ourselves in!!)...we took a hot bath and went to BED!

Needless to say we have a security system now- and nothing remotely scary has happened since we moved in. . We were told this was the 1st buglary ever reported in this complex (lucky us!)-- even our neighbors who've been here for 3 years were shocked anything like this happened. Hopefully it'll never happen again! You should see the signs in our front walkway- "beware of dog" "protected by guns, we don't call 911" and "ADT SECURITY"...hahaha you've gotta have some major cajones to break in this house! XD


So, on a whim, Kyle and I decided to plan a trip to Las Vegas for our 3 year wedding anniversary (still can't believe it's been 3 years). We were SO excited, and after the craziness from the move we were ready for a vacation. We splurged on a junior corner suite at our favorite downtown hotel (Golden Nugget)- it was BEAUTIFUL. Biggest suite we've stayed in since our wedding night. :) We stayed up way too late, gambled, saw some shows, laughed til our sides split, and enjoyed ourselves to the brim. A TRIP TO REMEMBER...we celebrated finishing our masters (haven't even gone there, i'll save you the details- it was an amazing journey and we're happy to be finished!) and being in love. <3


Well, we are finally back home. Kyle started his internship two days after we got back from Vegas; he is thoroughly enjoying himself and has first authors rights on a scientific article he will be writing for a dental journal by the end of the summer! This is "just-in" news as of today- we celebrated tonight. It's a big deal!! He still can't believe he'll be considered an "author" this year...! I'm so proud of him! :) I keep telling him, having to write all those papers in our masters program PAID OFF!

Today was actually the first full day I have had to unpack our house- it took me all morning just to try and organize our closet :-P Oh well, it'll all happen eventually!!


Well this turned out to be way too long, and I probably bored whoever is reading this with way too many details- so until next time! <3

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